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2004-04-07 - 8:50 p.m.

Hello everyone, well its time for the weekend to begin and I imagine this will be my last posting to the diary. My membership is up next week. Its been great writing to you all but I guess it will have to be through e-mails that I can be reached.

My grandchildren arrive tomorrow night, well 2 of them, I cannot wait to have them. We shall take them to the movies, we rented Brother Bear for them to watch and of course we will hit the mall. I plan on getting Kate to work on a scrapbook page for my chemo buddy to send to her and one for the other chemo angel I have to do a journal page for. Trent might even join in on this one.

Mom is expecting her sister Audrey to drop in with her son and wife also tomorrow. They are visiting the area.

So everyone, have a wonderful Easter, and all the best. Remember to get in touch with me write to [email protected]

Thank you everyone, Pat

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